Hotel Extranet system

The Hotel Extranet System is a powerful tool to upload own direct contracts with properties and sell rooms through B2C, B2B, Mobile Apps and XML Out channels. The system supports multichannel content exchange feature where the inventories can be instantly distributed through existing customers using the same platform.

Key Features:

Own Branding : Tour Operators can have their own branded interface for system access by hotels and suppliers via own domain/URL.

Supplier and Hotel direct access: Create your own suppliers (DMCs, Chains, Groups) who can further create their properties and control all the respective content at their end. Similarly allocate logins to hotels directly to manage its own respective content.

Market wise pricing : Assign countries to a market and further apply to properties.

Property information : Categorise property like hotel or apartment, upload images, define facilities, contact info., local currency of a property, local time zone and release time. Option of defining multiple email ids for notifications at the event of booking, cancellation, on-request, confirmation and reject.

Markup : Option of defining markup or commission respective to a property both in Percentage and Fixed amount.

Room Definition : Category based room definition like deluxe/standard/suite etc., room facilities, inclusions, images and occupancy. Child policies with age range option, extra guest allowed (yes/No) and inclusions.

Season Creation : Multiple seasons with various date ranges and description e.g. high, low, peak, shoulder etc.

Cancellation policies : Multiple cancellation policies, terms and conditions, amendment policies can be defined as per room/s and season dates.

Contracting : Easy and user friendly interface to upload contract entries on room category basis. Further apply seasons, allocations, release period, room prices (SGL/DBL/TRPL/QUAD/FIVE/SIX), extra guest charges, child charges (as per age criteria) on board basis. Option of defining different weekend pricing.

Contract Approval (QA) process : Contract approval cycle allows a supervisor to QA and verify the entries done by data entry person/s and approve the contract/s. Auto email notification for approver to approve a contract.

Allocation or On Request feature : The system cover option of defining rooms as Available or On Request (Yes/No). The system automatically shows rooms “Available On Request” in such case where allocation is ZERO. Also it shows “Available On Request” where check in date is less than Release days. Customers can send the booking request for same that can be further Confirmed/Rejected as per the information given by hotel.

Minimum/Max nights policy : Minimum/Maximum nights policy can be defined as per the date range. When the customer search for properties within this date range he/she is shown a message of minimum nights charged and customer can book for the similar number of nights.

Black Out Inventory/Stop Sale : Black out period can be defined as per the date range. The same can be removed by defining any date range.

Free Sale : Apply free sale to any room/s with a date validity.

Bulk Update : The prices, allocations, mark-ups, blackout and policies can be updated in bulk on a date range basis.

Activate / Deactivate Property : Activate or deactivate any property at any point of time.

Promotions : Multiple promotions can be defined such as Discounts, Stay/Pay, Early Bird, Min Nights, Book By Date, Special Price.

Supplements : Supplements can be defined on pax, night basis for a date range.

Smart Inventory : The system shows room’s status, price, promotions, availability etc on the calendar on room basis. The same can be edited in very a user friendly and flexible way.

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