Software system For Tour Operators

TravelForceLive is an ideal software system for Tour Operators to sell its own direct contracts with hotels, transfers and excursions ONLINE. Its sophisticated design and cloud based architecture enables a tour operator to manage its business from anywhere, anytime. The back end interface of TravelForceLive is fairly comprehensive and flexible to upload content and define products as per the direct contracts and agreements with providers and suppliers.

Any good tour operator system has to be capable and flexible to handle the maximum information given by the supplier for efficient selling. Thus, the back end modules have been developed with in-depth industry knowledge and practices followed by large companies that are synchronised with front end interface of B2B system for selling online.


  • B2B for sub agent management
    TravelForceLive B2B strengthens the capability of Tour Operators, DMCs and Consolidators to distribute their own inventories efficiently to other business partners or sub agents through an online eCommerce B2B website portal. It generates opportunities for companies for going global; so no matter the business partners are within their region or outside, the system works always and allows other partners to make bookings from anywhere, anytime. The sub agents get options of booking individual product or adding hotel+transfer+sightseeing under one booking reference.Click here to know more..
  • Back End – Hotel Extranet
    Gain revenues with online system for negotiated hotel contracting ( The system will help you to upload hotel direct contracts w.r.t. property info, room details, occupancy, tariff, allocations, policies, promotions, supplements etc. It’s easy navigation and flexible options of content modification make it friendly to use and simple to easily manage changes given by hotels. The extranet nature enables you to give access to hotel or supplier to manage their respective hotel content on their own.
  • Back End – Transfer
    The transfer loading system allows tour operators to upload own inventory of transfer vehicles and sell online through B2B interface. The system offer flexibility of creating Local Transfers (within a city) and City-To-City Transfers (from one city/country to other). The B2B booking engine encompasses reservations of multiple itineraries under one booking reference.
  • Back End – Sightseeing
    Sightseeing backend system of TravelForceLive enables tour operators to create its own tours and activities and sell online through B2B booking engine system. The system facilitate entries for defining places of interest, activities, tours, validity, guide language/fee, mark-ups , tour start and end time, closing out days/dates etc.
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